How to Make Your Pregnancy A Healthy One

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Now, let’s take good care of yourselves and you baby. Everything you do in the next nine months, from what you do for daily routine to what you is your food intake, has the potential to affect your child’s current and future growth.

In fact, reports explores the growing body of research that finds conditions in utero (i.e., while you’re pregnant) have the potential to affect your child’s health even decades down the road.

Studies found that women who drink during pregnancy could increase their child’s risk of alcohol addiction later in life, even with just one drinking binge. Other studies suggest significant correlations between a mother’s nutrition during pregnancy and her child’s risk for being overweight and developing diabetes and heart disease later in life.

Eat healthy today and prepare for a better future health for your child.

There are two components to “eating right” when you’re pregnant. One is the type of food you’re eating, and the other is how much weight you gain.

For many women, pregnancy is the first time in their lives would thought that it is good to gain weight during pregnancy by taking more calories as she eats for two. However, this is not right as there is no requirement to eat more. After the first 12 weeks, you may consume up to 300 extra calories per day.

If you are of normal weight when you get pregnant, you should gain between 25 and 35 pounds. Limit weight gain to no more than five to 10 pounds in the first 20 weeks, and about a pound per week for the remainder of your pregnancy.

It is suggested that women should try and lose some weight before you get pregnant if you are overweight. Women who are overweight have a higher risk of emergency cesarean, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and miscarriage. There is leads to a greater risk of delivery complications.

Exercises should continue even when you are pregnant. There are videos and books teaching about pregnancy exercise. Not to mention exercise classes available too. Exercises during pregnancy is good to keep yourselves healthy and also for easier labor process. However, do not over do it as you might ended up too tired and cramps.

As always, talk to your health care professional about any special dietary concerns (if you’re vegetarian or vegan, for example). Do consult about your dietary with your doctors at the beginning of your pregnancy in order to have a better planning.

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